Elementary Education

As the program of early childhood education, elementary education of Maple Bear is based on the Canadian model of education - often listed among the top five in the world in language, math and science. Maple Bear program of elementary education meets the standards established by the Ministry of Education of Brazil, and for being a bilingual method, part of the curriculum is taught in the second language. The classes are taught in English: English Language Arts, Mathematics and Science. Among the principles of the program we can highlight the observation, problem solving and decision making activities that contribute to the formation of independent children and critical thinking. Thus, students develop themselves academically and socially, creating a favorable environment for learning and social integration.


Extracurricular Activities

Judô, Ballet, Artts, Theatre, Music, Robotics,
Physical activities and games.
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7h50 às 13h10


Visitas à escola (agende um horário) / School visits (schedule a visit)

+55 11 3021-3336

+55 11 3021-8664

Matrículas / Admissions

+55 11 94449-1515 (Whatsapp)

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