The Maple Bear Methodology

A The Maple Bear teaching methodology was developed by Canadian professionals, based on the bilingual experience as well as on the dedicated educational practices that make Canadian education one of the best worldwide. Learning should be an enjoyable experience for children. Play is the work of children and is essential to a child’s well-being, as it brings together physical and intellectual abilities, as well as emotional health, creativity, and the ability to get along with peers and others. In our school, children are encouraged to explore and learn in a practical way through individual discoveries and exchange of experiences in groups. Creativity and self-expression are encouraged continuously. The classrooms are spacious, supplied with materials and toys, and have different centers of activity: arts, writing, building and games, drama, sand and water, library and multimedia, math, music, and science.


The teachers are trained by Canadian specialists and they use individual and detailed class plans as well as study projects on different topics. Different strategies are applied and teachers adjust methodologies to the level and characteristics of each child. Maple Bear’s methodology of “learning is fun” recognizes that learning needs to be a pleasurable experience for children, and that children learn best through sensory experiences based on their curious nature and desire to explore the world. In a “learn, play, and discover” environment, children are offered a selection of structured, unstructured, and routine activities. The Maple Bear early childhood program is carefully designed: daily routines, activity centers, and the way children acquire knowledge. The program allows children to create, explore, discover, and it offers many opportunities to develop their social, emotional, motor, language, and cultural skills. Literacy in both languages is a priority. In the last two years of Maple Bear early childhood program, along with the English immersion program, children have a curriculum that focuses on language and literacy. Literacy abilities acquired in Portuguese are naturally transferred to the English language.

Our approach of “learning is fun” provides each child with individual experiences in • Developing a feeling of confidence and positive self-image • Learning to relate and respect other children and adults as individuals (cooperating, negotiating, and problem solving) • Stimulating intellectual development (pre-reading, pre-writing, basic mathematical and scientific concepts) • Understanding of the world they live in • Interacting with other children in group situations • Learning the fine art of self-discipline • Introducing, then nurturing aesthetic and creative skills • Promoting physical development and good coordination of small and large muscles • Developing communication and language skills in various structured activities, as well as initiating, selecting, and organizing their own play in unstructured activities • Encouraging children to function independently Small classes offer individualized attention for Maple Bear students. Please learn more about our methodology at and


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