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A Maple Bear Canadian School Alto de Pinheiros is a Brazilian school and was born out of the desire to provide our children with the very best in contemporary early childhood education, comparable to the highest standards anywhere in the world. The Maple Bear Methodology, developed by Canadian educators, emphasizes the emotional, intellectual, and social development of the child. Our educators are experienced professionals and well trained through a continuous professional development program. The school structure-with its spacious classrooms supplied with all necessary materials, along with our educators-is committed to the development and well-being of the child. This is how learning in our school is a dynamic, interactive, and enjoyable experience.

To parents


Dear parents and friends, welcome to our website! We are honored to present Maple Bear Canadian School Alto de Pinheiros and we hope that all the information given here will be useful to make you understand what our beliefs are and how we develop the whole child. We know, by experience, that choosing a school is not an easy task. As parents, we have to be sure about staff educational background, curriculum, meals provided, if the school meets the children's needs, in terms of rooms and outdoor facilities. The Maple Bear Mission is to provide high-quality Canadian Early Childhood and Elementary education in a safe, secure, and stimulating environment that will provide students with a foundation for lifelong learning. Our goal is to establish an enthusiasm for learning and knowledge in young students, preparing them to become Global Village Citizens. We also believe that positive reinforcement and a lot of stimulation will help the child build up his/her self-esteem, get to know his/her inner self, and interact with others. Respecting the child as a unique human being is essential to his/her development. Bearing all of the above in mind, we see parents as partners, and we offer a secure, loving, and calm environment to maximize learning It will be a real pleasure to meet you! Come visit us! Maple Bear Alto de Pinheiros Pedagogical Coordinator



Maple Bear Canadian School Alto de Pinheiros is an institution that offers the distinction of a high-quality teaching methodology, developed through both research and practical experience, that reflects the very best education in the world. Our mission is to lay the foundations for advanced intellectual development and to build knowledge that aims at reflective thinking, critical respect, and responsibility.

We believe that


Education should be based on solid and dynamic methods. The child should be respected as a unique individual and encouraged to develop fully. Creativity and imagination must be actively encouraged. Socialization is of the utmost importance in the formation of autonomous individuals that are able to understand, value, and respect diversity. School must be safe to the highest degree, as well as healthy and stimulating. This society should be made of secure, balanced, and active individuals.

Visitas à escola (agende um horário) / School visits (schedule a visit)

+55 11 3021-3336

+55 11 3021-8664

Matrículas / Admissions

+55 11 94449-1515 (Whatsapp)

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