Margaret Crawford is an early childhood / primary specialist whose training includes degrees from Glasgow, Scotland, and the University of Manitoba. She has taught Kindergarten and Primary School in Scotland, Montreal, Winnipeg (Manitoba), Alberta, and Bangkok, Thailand. She has been the Coordinator of Early Childhood Services for the Okotoks region, Alberta, a member of the Province of Manitoba specialist group studying effective strategies for teaching young children how to read, and a Program Developer and Teacher Trainer for Kindergarten programs in Bangkok, Thailand.


Claire Taillefer is a leading Canadian specialist in early childhood education. Ms. Taillefer has worked as an early childhood teacher, second language teacher, early childhood program developer, teacher trainer, illustrator of books for young children, and school director. She is a recognized western Canadian leader in programming for Nursery and Kindergarten schools in English and in French immersion settings. Ms. Taillefer has developed early childhood science programs used in the Province of Manitoba, led a provincial group in developing a handwriting program and workbook for Grade 1, and represented Canadian teachers in program assessment visits to schools in Chad and Cameroon. She has been an active advisor and trainer for Maple Bear in Brazil, Vietnam, and India.


Sue Wilton is an active teacher in the Louis Riel School Division in Winnipeg, Manitoba, with many years of elementary teaching experience in Canada and Wales (UK). She holds Arts and Education degrees from the University of Manitoba and has participated in many professional development workshops related to the implementation of Literacy Centers, integrating sensory techniques into classroom programming and Mathematics. Ms Wilton's professional achievements include: service as a member of the writing team for the Western Canadian Consortium English Language Arts Curriculum document; Chairperson of Early Years Committees; and President of the St. Boniface Teachers' Association.

Rolanda Eirikson has been a teacher of early grade levels for more than twenty years. She has an outstanding reputation as a teacher of reading and English Language Arts, and has been a coordinator specializing in English Language Arts. In 2001 Ms. Eirikson was nominated for the Provincial Elementary School Teachers Award for Teaching Excellence. Her training is focused on the English Language Arts curriculum, strategies of instruction and assessment. She has developed teacher manuals and curriculum policy documents that are currently used across Canada. Ms. Eirikson has worked as a curriculum developer in English for technical high schools in the UAE, taught English in colleges in Oman, conducted workshops for Maple Bear teachers in Korea, and conducted Maple Bear teacher training in Brazil.   

Brenda Gears: Mholds an M Ed from the University of Western Ontario and a B Ed from the University of Windsor. She holds certificates as a Primary Education specialist and a Special Education specialist. Ms. Gear has worked as a Kindergarten teacher, elementary teacher, teacher of gifted students, and a School District Consultant in Special Education, early years. Ms. Gear is the recipient of the Award of Distinction for outstanding contributions to education in London, Ontario. She has had a very successful career as Principal and Vice-Principal of elementary schools in Ontario, Canada. Ms. Gear served as Director of Maple Bear in Korea for two years and has also conducted Maple Bear extensive training sessions in India and Brazil.

Marie Buisson: has been a respected elementary teacher (Grades 1-5, special needs, and English Language specialist) in Winnipeg, Canada, and Australia for more than twenty years. Her academic background includes: M Ed, Curriculum Development for Gifted Students; pre-Master's Program, Reading Development; and B Ed and BA (Double Honors). In recognition of her work as a teacher, Ms. Buisson was nominated for the Lieutenant Governor's Elementary Teacher Award in 2001. Ms. Buisson has made a strong and consistent contribution to the educational community as: a faculty advisor to students at University of Manitoba; School Enrichment Coordinator; Divisional Enrichment Team member; English Language Arts specialist; and English Language Arts Test Development Committee member. Ms. Buisson has conducted several training sessions for Maple Bear teachers in Brazil. She has worked as a Maple Bear consultant in Korea, assisting with opening of new schools.

Meredith Macleod has taught early years and elementary children for more than fifteen years in the Canadian provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba. She holds an Advanced BA, University of Saskatchewan, a pre-Master's year at Carleton University in Ottawa, and a B Ed, University of Saskatchewan. She brings a global perspective to Maple Bear work as a result of living and studying in several parts of Canada, France, and Spain. Ms. Macleod has specialized in education at the Kindergarten level and has been a leader in training Maple Bear teachers in India, Brazil, Turkey, and France. Her particular interests are: training teachers to integrate learning in all subject areas at the pre-school level; developing literacy skills appropriately at the pre-school levels; curriculum development for early years; and working with young teachers to develop their teaching skills.


Jocelyn McPike is an educational leader with strong experience in teaching, program management, and school administration. Ms. McPike has a B Ed and has taught Kindergarten and Elementary grades. She has worked as resource teacher, district coordinator, and school Vice-Principal and Principal for several years. Ms. McPike has done additional training on many important topics: leadership development, advanced leadership development, numeracy and literacy development. In addition to working on the Maple Bear Program Development, Ms. McPike has been very active in developing educational programs and workshops: Writing for Early and Middle Years.

Matthew Adkins is a specialist in early years education. He holds BA and B Ed degrees and is finalizing a Master's of Education in Early Years Language Literacy with a focus on media technology. He has also studied French at L'École de Langue et de Culture Quebecois, University of Chicoutimi in Quebec. Mr. Adkins has participated in studies and has published studies on reading in the early years. His publications include: Sokal, Katz, Adkins, Grills, Stewart, and Priddle (2005). "Factors Affecting Inner-City Boys' Reading: Are Male Teachers the Answer?" Canadian Journal of Urban Research. Vol. 14, No.1: 107-131; and Sokal, Katz, Adkins, Gladu, and Jackson-Davis (2005). "Boys will be 'Boys': Variability in Boys' Experiences of Literacy." The Alberta Journal of Educational Research. Vol. 51, No. 3: 216-230. He has participated in a number of Education Conferences in Canada and the USA. He is a classroom teacher with a very strong interest in Information and Communication Technology in the development of literacy. He has considerable experience in managing multi-age classrooms.


Anastasia Sych-Yereniuk is an active Elementary School Principal who holds RT, BA, B Ed, and M Ed (Curriculum and Instruction) degrees. She has done additional training in many fields, including Understanding by Design, Discipline with Dignity, Special Education Adaptive Skills, Performing Arts, Exceptional Children, Multicultural and Equity Education. Ms. Yereniuk has worked in schools in Canada, Italy, and Ukraine. She has conducted workshops for educators in Winnipeg, Toronto, Vancouver, San Antonio, Rome, Kiev, and Lviv. As a Principal and school leader, Ms. Yereniuk has demonstrated excellence in: Curriculum Planning and School Development; Organization and Leadership; Teaching, Discipline and Communications; Parental and Community Involvement; Interactive Interdisciplinary Multimedia Curriculum; Community and Research projects. Ms Yereniuk has had strong interests in literacy among boys, special needs, Math and Science education, Language Arts initiatives, Aboriginal Student Achievement, Technology and Arts Infusion, and Multicultural Education. Ms. Yereniuk has conducted training for Maple Bear school coordinators in Brazil.

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